Game Developer

1. Develop programs for oversea mobile games, cooperating with game designers, artists, and testers.
2. Analyze and solve possible problems during development with high quality and efficiency. 
3. Use cocos2dx to write systems and stages for games.

1. Experiences of using cocos2dx for over 2 years and proficiency in general tools ( Xcode and so on. )
2. Experiences of using C++ for over 1 year. Proficiency in C++ or Lua.
3. Proficiency in analyzing, inducing and solving problems. Strong sense of responsibility and proactive attitude towards work.  
4. Solid skills of programming like data structure, algorithm, and design pattern.

Game UI Designer

1. Set the style of the games' general interface. 
2. UI designs for the main and function interface. 
3. Design the icon, logo and other features. 

1. Independent control of the game style, strong sense of the whole screen style, and sensitiveness about the details. 
2. Drawing ability. Can draw the game icon and simply process the game background.
3. Good understanding of UI interaction, including UI experiences, UI animation, and the feedback.
4. Ability to consider from the perspectives of products and consider about the selling point and differences of products. 

Oversea Marketing Promoter

1. Put advertisements on Facebook and Adwords. 
2. Put advertisements on other platforms such as applovin and unityAds.
3. Monitor and analyze ad data, continuously optimize ad creation and improve the promotion efficiency.
4. Detect the ad effect regularly, analyze and collect data then provide support for new promotion plan.

1. Original ideas of making advertising videos through product analysis.
2. Bachelor. Experiences of putting advertisements for over a year. Facebook promotion experiences will be prioritized.
3. CET-4, and good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
4. Strong responsibility and proficiency in independently analyzing and solving problems.

Game Designer

1. Design the odds of leisure game and the models of economic value.
2. Design the contents and outputs of the operational activities of the games.
3. Analyze the on-line data and continue adjusting and optimizing game value.
4. Take part in the design of game system and stages.

1. Bachelor Degree or above, strong logical and mathematic foundation. 
2. Experiences of planning value. Knowledge of economic system in mainstream game.
3. Ability of modeling with Excel. Proficient in using Word, Excel, Visio and so on. 
4. Consciousness of data-driven. Extraordinary ability of data analyzing. 


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